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Top 5 Common Plumbers Problems

Thursday January 19, 2012
Plumbing is usually known as the method that involves the installation of pipe ...

Water Saving Shower Heads

Thursday January 19, 2012
Water is the most important element in this world – next to oxygen &ndas ...

A Drain On The System

Friday April 25, 2008
NEWCASTLE businesses will contribute up to $904,000 next financial year towards the cost of improving and maintaining the city's ageing drainage infrastructure.

Plumbers Rolling In It As Cost Of Building Goes Through Roof

Tuesday October 30, 2007
PLUMBING can be dirty work, and lucrative.

The Sky Is The Limit

Sunday October 14, 2007
These days, rainwater tanks are available for any sized outdoor space, Carolyn Boyd writes.

Affordable Water Tanks To Be On Tap

Tuesday November 14, 2006
THOUSANDS of western Sydney households would be eligible for interest-free loans on backyard rainwater tanks under a groundbreaking scheme likely to be introduced by one of the region's biggest councils.

Slow The Flow

Sunday September 24, 2006
With a few simple strategies, you'll be amazed at how much water you can save.

Odd Fines Flush A Would-be Plumber's Job Plan Down The Drain

Tuesday December 6, 2005
A SYDNEY plumber has been asked to agree to have his pay docked $40 when he forgets to recharge his mobile phone.

Water Plan: Spend $22 To Save $50

Sunday September 18, 2005
SYDNEY Water is boosting its scheme to cut household water use by employing up to 50 plumbers to fit water-saving devices.

On-the-job Training Crucial To Landing Plum Position

Monday September 27, 2004
Ray Hallatt of the southern Sydney suburb of Yarrawarrah started his plumbing training at technical college 35 years ago, and he has his gripes about how standards have fallen.

New Trial Has Families Saving The Environment From Home

Tuesday July 13, 2004
Mums and dads in Sydney and Melbourne are helping to find new ways to save energy and water.

Burst Main Taints Water

Monday July 5, 2004
REPAIR work will begin in Hamilton North this morning after a burst water main gouged a giant hole in the pavement and sent dirty drinking water through the plumbing of homes from Merewether to Adamstown.

New Hope For Plan To Fix Sewerage

Tuesday August 5, 2003
Under private homes and businesses across Sydney is 20,000 kilometres of cracked and leaking sewers.

Casting Good Bread On The Waters

Monday May 26, 2003
James Woodford writes that a Sydney Water scheme to encourage people to put in rainwater tanks is full of holes.

Why Plumbers Are Licensed

Thursday May 11, 2000
Because of its importance to health, plumbing was the first trade in NSW to require a licence. Bubonic plague swept through inner suburbs of Sydney in the early 1900s, killing more than 100 people. The Fair Trading Department said that following this outbreak, government health authorities pr

Unions Fight Cuts At Centre

Tuesday July 27, 1999
STOCKTON Centre maintenance staff will hold a report-back meeting at 7am today on a union meeting yesterday with Department of Community Services director Carmel Niland. Plumbers' union organiser Stephen McCarney said the unions were unhappy with the department's position. `They told us in wri

Unions To Fight Telstra Sell-off

Monday March 16, 1998
Communication unions would fight Prime Minister John Howard's plan announced yesterday to sell the remaining two-thirds of Telstra, the Communications, Electrical and Plumbers Union said. Mr Howard told the Liberal Party's national convention in Brisbane a Coalition government would sell the rema

Plumbing The Heights

Thursday February 12, 1998
Domain salutes Sydney's top tradespeople and introduces the winner of our inaugural Tradesperson of the Year award. Plumbers aren't necessarily used to good press. Let's face it, they're often up to their elbows in other people's unpleasantness, and who hasn't heard the "he ripped me off

The Drain Brain

Thursday January 22, 1998
But don't mind if his plumbers kick off their shoes - it's all part of the service, writes Cerentha Harris. Talk to Gary Mezei, the power behind the budding plumbing empire Drain Savers, and you get the feeling he listens to the Rocky theme song regularly. This man is inspired about his work. Wh

Building Trust

Wednesday May 21, 1997
Changes to home building laws will encourage builders to lift their games and offer more protection for renovators. JENNIFER STYNES reports. I have just survived seven illuminating months with builders, painters, electricians and plumbers in the house constantly, and can add one truly awful tale

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