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Water Saving Shower Heads

Water is the most important element in this world – next to oxygen – that people need and use on a daily basis in order to survive. Every living organism in our planet also needs water.

We use water for drinking, washing ourselves, cleaning our cars, and watering the plants among others. Perhaps, the only time we really acknowledge the importance of water is when shortages arise.

Without water, we would not be able to nourish ourselves and satisfy our thirsts. Plants and animals will begin to deteriorate; and global warming will dominate our already deteriorated atmosphere. These are only some reasons why people should start conserving water whilst saving Mother Earth. Using water saving shower heads is among the tools that more and more people are beginning to incorporate in their lifestyles.

Almost every person in the world – most especially those who come from developed nations – use showers whenever they feel the need to wash themselves. Although bath tubs are also used whenever people would like to take long baths and relax without being pressured to hasten the pace of their washing.

Here are a few facts that you have to know how great water saving shower heads are and how could these can dramatically reduce your monthly water bills:

-    In terms of functionality: the standard amount of water that traditional showerheads pour out is from six to seven gallons of water every minute or so with a water pressure of 80 pounds for every square inch. The amount of water that usually flows out of a showerhead is determined by the amount of pressure that flows throughout the shower system. The beauty of water saving showerheads is that they have low flows; meaning that they use lesser amounts of water whilst maintaining the standard pressure that is needed akin to the standard type of shower.

-    Valves usually accompany low-flow showerheads so you can always switch it on or off before and after every use. This means that you are able to conserve more of this vital life element by hindering its flow while you are scrubbing your body or shaving your legs.

-    Water saving shower heads come in two types: aerating and non-aerating. Aerating are basically known as low flow shower heads because they provide a full and even stray once they are turned on. This is made possible since the air mixes with the water stream thereby giving this brilliant flow. Non-aerating shower heads do not mix with flow of water with h2o making the stream fluctuate from time to time. However, the flow is strong and has the ability to keep the water warmer in contrast to the aerating type.

-    Since low flow shower heads only require a small amount of water but still enables one to fully maximize its use, one could have the luxury of enjoying long showers and low water and energy bills.

When you have your low flow showerhead installed in the comforts of your own home, you are not only saving up but you are also raising environmental awareness at the same time.