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Top 5 Common Plumbers Problems

Plumbing is usually known as the method that involves the installation of pipes and drains that allow for maximum utilization of our water systems.

Water filtration is among the many goals of plumbing. Water is purified once it goes through specialized pipes that filter any substances and debris. This makes the water conducive for drinking and usage by humans and other living species that need clean water in order to sustain the quality of their lives.

The other target of plumbing is getting rid of clogs and flooding within certain areas that need proper repair and maintenance.

Plumbers play a crucial role in the abovementioned facets of plumbing. They are the ones who administer the use of plumbing equipment, and at the same time come up with certain plumbing plans which are to be beneficial to those who are living within the society. It is also their job to make sure that residential areas, commercial areas, and other properties have operational water systems; and to also give their professional services once the need arises. Plumbers’ additional tasks are:

-    Following instructions that are written on a plumbing plan

-    Ordering needed supplies for a certain project from suppliers

-    Be able to accurately measure distances, lengths, and widths where piping is needed

-    Fix water system problems in sinks, toilets, above the ceiling, under the floors, etc.

Every day is a new challenge for plumbers and it is very inevitable for them to encounter these top 5 common problems:

1.     Leaking taps and connecting leaking pipes. These are the most common problems that plumbers usually face. The reason why people who experience leaky taps in their homes or offices resort to the services of plumbers because, not only does this situation cause flooding, but it also increases one’s water bills as well.  Plumbers also are responsible for connecting pipes that are leaking. They either just put the pipe in its proper place; use pipe glue to cover areas that have leaks; or they decide whether to replace some parts of the unit.

2.    Toilet issues. It is very ordinary for any establishment that contains comfort rooms to face toilet problems every now and then. Wax rings tend to wear away overtime hence contributing to the problem. Common toilet problems are leaks and toilet blocks.

3.    Repairing DIYs or Do it Yourself Jobs. Plumbers tend to fix homeowners’ failed attempts in fixing their own plumbing systems. Given the fact that plumbers are highly skilled professionals, their services are actually not cheap. You should never attempt to fix anything that you know nothing about as this could further damage the current state of things.

4.    Hot water repairs. It is very important to have hot water in a home most especially during the cold season. However, given the fact that hot water systems are frequently used regardless of the weather, these also tend to break down after a period of time. Only licensed plumbers could fix this. Any attempts of doing it yourself would cause the system to completely break down. The last thing you need is spending a lot on a brand new hot water system.

5.    A blocked drain is yet another common problem of plumbers. They usually use special tools to either align misaligned pipes, remove blockages where foreign objects and dirt accumulation can be found, or to make necessary repairs for the drainage to function normally again.